Ukraine – thinking society or society which sinks?

Ukraine is obliged to invest technical and financial resources in development of scientific intelligence, and in design of incentives for implementation of creative ideas. Unless there is made a bid on the intellect as the most promising resource of development – Ukraine has no future.

“How to make intellect the resource of Ukraine’s development?”- is the main issue for discussion on the first International Expert Session, organized by the Civic Project «Foundation for Future».

The session is dedicated to the development of support mechanisms and the development of intellectual capital, as well as the effective use of intellectual resources for Ukraine. It consists of two blocks:

  • June 27 – Discussion conference, which aims to expose possible approaches and points of view on the issue under discussion;
  • June 28 – Project Session, during which is planned to develop blueprint of coherent mechanisms of support and development of intellectual capital for Ukraine.

The event will bring together public and political figures, government officials, parliamentarians, academics, experts and businessmen from Ukraine, Russia and the European Union.

Supported by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

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For more information, please contact the civic project «Foundation for Future»

For organizational matters – Marta Semeryak  +38 (067) 374 3362.

For accreditation – Iryna Patronyk +38 (063) 264 2242.


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